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christmas minis

Saturday, December 15th

15 images, 15 minutes, 1 outfit, $99

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When: Saturday, December 15th

Where: Koreshan State Historic Site

Time slots: (Choose fast! First come first serve 😉)

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:30 pm

4:00 pm

4:30 pm

5:00 pm

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Who are these sessions for?
Anyone!! Couples, Portraits, Families, maybe you just want to take photos of just you and your dogs!! haha I'm down!

Does it have to be Christmas themed?
No, if you just really want some nice photos of yourself, then let me know, that way I don’t have you posing with a Christmas sign haha.

How many minutes is the session?
15 min time slots 

How many 15 minute time slots can I purchase?
You can purchase a maximum of two 15 minute time slots for $199. So you will receive 30 minutes and 30 photos. If you want more time then consider purchasing my hour session you’ll get way more photos… plus you’ll be able to choose a location + date + unlimited outfits.

Can I change the location?
No the session will be done at Koreshan State Historic Site

When will I receive the photos?
You will receive the photos in one week.

Can I choose the photos?
No, I will pick the best photos from my own personal judgement and artistic eye :) don’t worry I got you!

Can we purchase more photos?
Yes, if you feel that you want more photos included in you’re 15 minutes. I can add another 15 photos for $50. So you will receive a total of 30 photos. 

Can you photoshop me to look skinner?
No, I do not alter peoples body images. I do remove little imperfections such as pimples and little scars.

Can I purchase the raw unedited images?
No, once you book your session with me… you will sign a contract which states “all raw images cannot be viewed or purchased by Client”. But, don’t worry If you LOVEEEE my style and the way I edit my photos, then you will LOVEEEE your photos!!
Can I expedite the process of receiving my images?
Yes! If you have to send Christmas cards I can deliver to you next day for $45. If not all images will be sent by December 22.

Can we change outfits?
No, it’s only 15 minutes there will be no time to change in a second outfit. If you would like unlimited outfit purchased my one hour session! 😉

Can we bring our pets?
Is that even a question?? haha Yes! Please do! 

What do you expect from me? 
Since it’s only 15 minutes I expect you to give me your all! The more movement and free you are!! The better the photos :)

Will you provide props?
I will only provide a blanket to sit on. Some Christmas pillows, and one Christmas sign. Anything else that you would like to include in your session, then please bring it :)


WOOHOO!!! This is exciting!!

Okay just fill out the form below, and I’ll contact you within the hour :)

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