Koreshan State Historic Site + Bonita Beach Park | Adventures

Possibly the most adventurous session yet! So, Lauren was a yoga instructor and wanted to do something completely different and in nature. Let me just say that I have never photographed someone actually doing yoga poses. It was an absolutely fun experience getting to know this girl and all the great things she’s doing. I highly recommend looking over these photos and checking out this girl's Instagram since her personality is so sweet! We start off the session with going to Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, FL. (sroll down to see her climb a tree haha) 

We then headed to Bonita Beach Park for sunset! Needless to say it was probably the coldest day ever in Florida and she was such a champ throughout the entire portrait session.

The session was filled with so much adventure!

From climbing trees to walking in the freezing cold water! 

her instagram: @rock3roll