Naples Florida Photographer Senior Pictures- Boho Styled Portrait Shoot

For the photo-lover who craves self expression, and doesn't mind being silly and carefree!

For the adventurous and the wildly free-spirted!

For the one who craves to be unique, and wants their images to stand out from the rest! The one who wants organic, happy, and silly photos of themselves rather than the typical posed, un-natural, not-you, "yearbook-glamour photo" that has you force smile to the camera while carrying a "Class of 2018" sign ...... um "nooo".

if you crave adventure, love exploring and obsessed with my style than I'm the photographer for you!! 

I'm a Portrait and Wedding photographer based in Naples, Florida. Let's go to some gorgeous location and take beautiful senior pictures that you would want to share with everyone!! 

***Boho Flower Bouqeut provided by The Flower Path. They are located in Fort Myers, Florida on McGregor Blvd. 

***Model and friend :) : @alisha_goldstein