Naples Florida Engagement Photos | Koreshan State Historic Site Engagement Photos

Koreshan State Historic Site is such a beautiful spot to take engagement photos! It's so rustic, historical, and there is so much greenery! Koreshan State Historic Site faces such a busy street but the moment you walk into the park all you hear are the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. The best part is that this park is pet friendly!! So, YES bring your puppy!! I always say yes to puppies in couple sessions!!! 

Rhiannon and Chris are just so stinkin' adorable! I love their sarcastic, silly and witty humor they have towards one another! They are originally from NY and come down to visit family and also get their engagement photos done with me! 

It was funny, because when Rhiannon contacted me, she told me her and her fiancé are weird (haha) and might not pose well in front of the camera. But, I told her not to worry! Because, honestly the weirder the better (haha)!! I want you to be yourself! I'm just here to capture the silly, goofy, loving and intimate side of you and your bae :) 

The same night, I posted sneak peeks on my instagram of their engagement session, and they were literally floored! She couldn't believe I got such a good photos of just them being silly and themselves! 

You see, I believe in movement, and laughter, rather than traditional drawn out posing. So if I say "hold each others hand and spin around a circle as fast as you can, then bring each other in and try to hug and kiss while you're all dizzy and loopy haha!". It's these cues that bring the best movement, laughter and true you! 

That's what I focus on and that's why you hire me ;)  #embracetheweirdness



I booked Michelle solely on loving her Instagram page. Best decision ever!!! Michelle is super easy to talk to and so comfortable and easy to get along with while shooting. I was extremely nervous beforehand and Michelle completely calmed my nerves with how personable she is! I was also worried my extremely goofy fiancé, who doesn’t take anything seriously, would doom our pictures but, Michelle was able to perfectly capture our true silly, fun relationship! I am SO in love with our gallery. I look forward to and cannot wait until the time comes where we need professional photos taken again because Michelle will be our go-to! I’ll most definitely be spreading the word about Michelle’s beautiful work not only amongst SWFL but NYC+outskirts as well!
— Rhiannon Roach

Now what are you waiting for! I know you loved this session and want your engagement/couple photos here!! So, let's do this and create beautiful heart-felt imagery together!