In home couples session | Naples Florida Engagement Photographer

Cozy sweaters, puppies, and bae...

Talk about the perfect tri-fecta!! OMG! This is definitely one of my favorite couples sessions, I mean it's for sure up there with the couple session in Lover's Key State Park in Fort Myers, Florida and the one in Dumbo, Brooklyn at One Girl Cookies

Let me just say, I love in-home sessions...I love the feeling of just being in your comfy laid-back clothing, cuddling up on the couch with your boo-thang, having your fur-babies running around in the background. Ahhhh, just typing this makes me want to photograph another in-home session!

Laura + Nate are just head over heels in LOVE with each other! It's literally undeniable! They're also the sweetest human beings ever! They welcomed me into their home with open arms, even their puppies were giving me little kisses. Love it!! 

If you're thinking about doing an in-home session with me or any other photographer. Don't worry about feeling uncomfortable or not knowing how to pose, or not thinking your home is #cute enough lol. A good photographer, actually a great photographer, will literally make you and your bae feel so freakin will leave the session thinking "wow!! that was so literally so fun!". Hahah! I mean if you don't believe me, read her review :) 

My boyfriend and I recently did an in home lifestyle shoot with Michelle, and we are THRILLED with our photo album! Not only did we feel like instant best friends with her, but her creativity and talent blew us away.
She directed us effortlessly, took all of the guesswork out of posing, and made us feel relaxed. We got to just be us, and let her shine through the camera. Not only did we recieve the most beautiful photos, but she added in the sweetest 2 minute video capturing our shoot and bringing it to life!
There are no words for what a blessing Michelle is because these photos will be printed and hung in my home forever! Thank you thank you Michelle for being so sweet and kind! You have a true eye for telling stories and we loved welcoming you into our home! (Not sorry for the long review, she’s that AMAZING!) 💗💗
— Laura Forney