6 Reasons For a Day After Wedding Session

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What is a “Day After Wedding Session”??

Well it’s essentially an engagement session, but better!! You get to throw on your wedding dress for one more time!! I mean how amazing is that! The dress you absolutely loveeeee and you get to wear it more than once!!

So Day After Sessions, are amazing since even though we might spend 45-30 min of couple portraits after your wedding. Hence the word “might”…cause let’s be honest everything doesn’t go smoothly on a wedding day like we all hope for.

Sometimes family portraits take longer than usual, which will cut into couple portrait time. And its totally understandable!! All the family members just want to come up to you and your bae, and literally give you a bunch of hugs and kisses, congratulating the both of you! It’s bound to happen lol.

Then, when I do pull you aside to take those gorgeous full length photos of your wedding gown and his tux, it might feel rushed since you know you got all you friends and family members waiting for you at the reception.

Day After Wedding Sessions, don’t need to be exactly the day after. They can be the day after, day after…cause we all need a rest in between haha. But Day After Sessions, can also be weeks, months, or even your one year anniversary photos in your wedding dress!



Your wedding day is probably going to be the only day you'll ever have all your favorite people in one place at the same time, so I highly recommend a “day after wedding session” because, not only will you be able to spend every minute of your best day with your people, but you'll also not be stressed on a time crunch, cause you got all your best buds and family waiting for you at the reception.

Day after sessions gives you the liberty to be relaxed with your hubby at a dreamy location! #datenight


Choosing a “day after session” means we can venture out to a gorgeous unique location beyond your venue! That’s right! You know those beautiful photos you see in magazines where they’re on a beach barefoot with the sun setting behind them. Yep!! That’s it!

Or it can be on the mountain tops, vineyard, grassy field!

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If you’re planning a wedding in a spectacular location, a day after session is a great way to take advantage & get stunning photos of the location you’ve been dying to get married in for months!

If I’m flying to you or you’re flying here, might as well get a lot out of it!

Just make sure to book your ‘day after wedding session” as soon as possible. So, we can schedule it within our travel dates & make sure we have the correct accommodations.


Let’s say you weren’t a fan of your hair and makeup the day of the wedding. This is a perfect time to redo that! Let your hair down and have you’re makeup done the way you like it.

With that being said, I totally recommend having a trial run with your hairstylist and make-up artist a couple of weeks before your actual wedding day, to make sure you absolutely love your look!


There are so many factors that can affect the amount of photos you receive on your wedding day, especially if there are weather restraints. Maybe it’s freezing cold, or insanely hot or it’s raining pretty hard!

Now, I always come up with solutions the day of your wedding, but it may not be the type of photos you would want if it does rain. This is why a day after session is so great, since we can control which day, season, and time that would best fit for portraits.


That’s right!! Receive more photos that are beautifully lit at a dreamy location with soft natural light! You will get photos that are different angles, scenery, and overall look! You can add these images to your wedding album, and have many options to choose from to hang on your walls!

There you go! 6 Reasons why I love “Day After Wedding Sessions”. If you feel like this is for you, then let me know! Shoot me an email and let’s plan something beautiful together! :)

Side note:

Now, you might think… oh she is probably trying to sell me this, well, I don’t think of it that way. Instead, I have come up with a solution to a problem. Sometimes we can’t get those photos that we absolutely want because of time restraints, weather, and wedding day logistics, but having a day solely dedicated to taking portraits solves that problem, and in the end you get wayyy more photos of you and your bae in your gorgeous wedding gown and him in his fancy tux! It’s a WIN WIN!