Antelope Island Utah Engagement Photos | Utah Wedding Photographer

It was an early morning, Gabriella and Ethan picked me up from my Airbnb and we headed to McDonalds for some much-needed coffee haha and then started our journey to Antelope Island!. In our car ride, Gabriella and I connected over our love for exercise and travel! It literally felt like we’ve known each other for years!

Gabriella and Ethan were SOOO much fun!! Like they are seriously such a fun, rad couple! We would drive around Antelope Island and every time I saw a spot that would be perfect for some photos, we would stop at the side of the road and we would take some photos! Haha it was so much fun! Plus we saw American Bison! omg they are huge and yes they can charge at you lol. So I don’t recommend getting to close haha.

Actually the first couple of pictures, the bison were crossing the road and one of them decided to take a shit on the road haha, you’ll see!

“We got to work with Michelle in Utah and it was so much fun!! She is amazing at what she does. What I loved about working with Michelle is she made us feel so comfortable. She told us what poses to do and was so casual and calm about it, it was so easy having her take our pictures. She’s probably one of my favorite photographers we have worked with. She made the shoot fun and easy going and I just loved it. If you are looking for a photographer Michelle is the way to go. Her work is magical and the experience was unforgettable. Thank you Michelle!!”

- Gabriella